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Hi Beautiful People, 

First of all, thank you for stopping by and for your interest in me and SKINIRI.

What you see now before you is the result of personal growth: self-education, self-realisation and self-acceptance. Without any all of these lessons along my path SKINIRI would not exist. I am still navigating this journey and so excited to see what the next chapters hold, but for now, here’s a brief background on the events the birthed SKINIRI.  


My wellness journey started back in 2015 when I started to consciously take notice of the products I used daily and the impact harmful additives and ingredients were having on my overall health and wellbeing.

The first step on my ongoing journey was to embrace natural! This involved, cutting my hair off and letting it grow back in its beautiful and natural form. 

I did my big chop in 2015 and haven't looked back since! No relaxers (harmful chemicals used to straighten Black hair), no heat (electric straighteners and blow dryers) and lots more natural hair care products (oils and butters Galore) – I swear by Jamaican Black Castor oil to help repair your hair and help it grow back thicker and stronger. It also works wonders on your edges! 

This was when I realised the power of natural ingredients. My hair grew back quicker, longer and healthier and I put it down to using high quality ingredients that still had their integrity in tact which allowed my hair to absorb and thrive off their goodness. 


I then started to look at what I was consuming through my diet and after researching the impact of a meat diet on the body and the environment, I decided to go vegetarian in 2017. 

Literally, one day I was eating meat and the next I had wholly decided that was now over. It was surprisingly easy for me; I've never actually craved it at all since giving it up. 


In 2018 whilst creaming my body, I realised that I did not know what most ingredients were in the creams and serums I used at the time. So, I decided to find out how to make my own (I am a DIY enthusiast, literally all things DIY from flat pack furniture to skincare). I started by watching YouTube videos and making small formulations for myself. My first product was a facial oil that used all natural oils - nothing else added. It worked so well on clearing up my dark spots, I was hooked! I wanted to create more elaborate formulations so I went on to get a Certificate in Preservative Free Face Masks and then I completed a Diploma in Natural Skin Care!


SKINIRI officially launched in Spring 2021. As a lover of high-quality ingredients, I made sure when formulating the product range for SKINIRI that every single product is made with the best quality ingredients that get results and are good for you. 

I guarantee, no nasties, no added toxins or chemicals, nothing that will jeopardise your health and wellbeing. Just natural, vitamin rich, skin-goodies! 

Everything I sell, I also use on myself as part of my daily routine. 


I am so proud of this collection and so happy to share it with you all!

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