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SKINIRI means Skin-Good

(pronounced Skin-I-Ree)

IRI is derived from the Jamaican phrase "Irie" which means the ultimate good. It is a representation of all-encompassing quality, good vibes and is powerful, pleasing and blessed. 


It is also a nod to Ms Iris May Walters, Lettica’s beloved Granny! For she was a living demonstration that nothing is impossible and regardless of perceived disadvantages you can still succeed.


Therefore, IRI is also derived from “Iris” a flower which is a representation of faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration. 

These words, the meaning behind SKINIRI encapsulates our values: 


We lean on ancient wisdom, 

lifestyle & beauty practices that have survived generations. 


We prioritise quality in everything we do: our ingredients, formulations and service.


We do it for YOU because we believe everyone should feel good and the small acts of kindness, we give ourselves everyday has the power to multiply and drastically impact others.

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