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We are supporters of the circular economy, and its goals to limit waste and harmful emissions to the environment, reduce dependence on resources and decrease costs. 

Steps we have taken so far to support the Circular Economy: 


We use sustainable and ethically sourced, abundant and (in many areas) self-generating ingredients that are natural or of natural origin in our products. 

Our products are also multi-purpose, helping you get everything you need from less. 

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Glass is made from natural and abundant raw materials such as sand, soda ash and limestone.   

Whilst we recognise glass is more expensive than plastic and can contribute to higher emissions during the manufacturing process. It was the many functional benefits of glass that outweighed the cons to help our decision.


As a brand that promises to give you the best, our choice of packaging also had to meet specific criteria, and glass was the clear winner.

95% of our product packaging is made from glass. 

Our goal is to:



-    Non-toxic. Unlike plastic, glass is chemically inactive meaning it does not leak harmful chemicals into our beautifully formulated natural products. 
-    Infinitely refillable, reusable and recyclable. We encourage all customers to reuse our glass jars. Check out our blog for tips on how to repurpose your SKINIRI container once you have finished your products. Plus, when your glass jar has truly come to the end of its time with you, you’ll be pleased to know it is recyclable and can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. 

-    Protective. Our amber glass jars preserve quality and protects against light damage, helping to shield your products from harmful UV rays that can have a counter-effect the natural ingredients used in some of our products. 

Amber glass helps to preserve the contents: vitamins, freshness, texture and fragrance by acting as a natural barrier against potentially-harmful bacteria or changes in temperature. 

We are still listening, learning and adopting new practices as we grow and will update our progress as we move along this journey to help improve our planet. 

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